Bernie Sanders in Violation of the Constitution

I tend to team with Russell Moore of the SBC on Senator Bernie Sanders and the hearing on Russell Vought.  However, I Sen. Bernie Sanders Defends His Attack On Christianshave to say that I see the Senator as one who does not understand even the basics of his religious heritage as a Jew.   He is not a Jew religiously.  He needs to read the Old Testament to understand what Judaism means.
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The Top 10 Schools Supporting Terrorists

The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists: Fall 2016 Report


The Top Ten Schools Supporting Terrorists

1. Brooklyn College (CUNY)
2. San Diego State University
3. San Francisco State University
4. Tufts University
5.  University of California Berkeley
6.  University of California Irvine
7.  University of California Los Angeles
8.  University of Chicago
9.  University of Tennessee Knoxville
10. Vassar College

(Note: the schools are listed in alphabetical order)

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