If You Don’t ‘Get’ Religion

If You Don’t ‘Get’ Religion, You Can’t ‘Get’ America or the World
or Why is so much media coverage of religion so dumb?

I want to make sure that we are much more creative about beats out in the country so that we understand that anger and disconnectedness that people feel. And I think I use religion as an example because I was raised Catholic in New Orleans. I think that the New York–based, and Washington-based too, probably, media powerhouses don’t quite get religion. We have a fabulous religion writer, but she’s all alone. We don’t get religion. We don’t get the role of religion in people’s lives. And I think we can do much, much better. And I think there are things that we can be more creative about to understand the country.

Dean Baquet on Terry Gross’ Fresh Air

The original sin of religion reporting is the failure to believe what religious people say. There’s always an “other” reason for their actions.

In much coverage of American Christianity, this mindset is obvious: You believe that God ordained marriage as the union of a man and a woman? Well, that’s just bigotry in search of a belief system, religion wielded as a club against the marginalized.

Our nation has consistently misunderstood the challenge posed by jihadist terror, too, in part because our secular leaders and reporters often don’t believe jihadists mean what they say.

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Political Correctness

George Carlin makes a very insightful point here.  He says that he is not sure political correctness is the way to fight discrimination, ie, the type of discrimination that denies another an inalienable right.  Political correctness is not the way to fight that type of discrimination!  Wake up America!

Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners!  – George Carlin

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