Obama and Farrakhan


Obama cozy to Farrakhan

The photographer, who worked for a Nation of Islam publication, said he suppressed the photo for 13 years at the request of CBC Democrats who wanted to protect Obama’s presidential aspirations. He released the photo in January.

Twenty-one current CBC members were part of the caucus in 2005 when Farrakhan attended a CBC meeting. TheDC reached out to all 21 members’ offices to ask if they were willing to denounce Farrakhan. None would.

Right Choice for American & the World

Here is Marlo Lewis’ take on one view of the Paris Agreement/Treaty.  It is an interesting one and his thoughts were published before the Trump announcement.

The Paris Agreement was the capstone of President Obama’s climate action plan, the political strategy by which he intended to give the Clean Power Plan and other legally dubious climate policies a treaty-like status, but without going through the constitutional treaty process. Continue reading “Right Choice for American & the World”

Obama Praises Fake News Outlet

Obama Just Praised The ‘Great Work’ Of A Notorious Fake News Outlet

Days after criticizing the proliferation of fake news online, President Barack Obama openly praised Obama Just Praised The ‘Great Work’ Of A Notorious Fake News Outletthe “great work” of a notorious fake news outlet.

Just days after criticizing the online proliferation of so-called fake news, President Barack Obama lauded the “great work” of a notorious fake news outlet which was just busted in federal court for peddling news that never actually happened.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, which was found liable by a federal jury earlier this month for malicious defamation for its role in pushing a rape hoax, Obama nonetheless praised the magazine’s “great work”…

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Obama’s Muslim Bias

Almost a year ago, President Barack Hussein Obama described the suggestion that the U.S. give preference to Christian refugees over Muslim refugees as “shameful.” “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” he loftily added.

Now, WikiLeaks has released a 2008 email discussing who should fill top staff positions should Obama win the presidency.  It clearly proves that the Obama administration is the one that has long used “religious tests”—but to discriminate against Christians in favor of Muslims.

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Does President Obama Hate Israel?

…where was the Anti-Defamation League over the last 9.5 years?

Jew-Hating Obama Administration Strikes Again. They Monitored …

Why Obama hates Netanyahu, and vice versa | The Times of Israel

Obama: 'World Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise.' That May Have Something To Do With Our Jew-Hating President.
Look at those eyes!

Obama: ‘World Anti-Semitism Is On The Rise.’ That May Have Something To Do With Our Jew-Hating President.

Why do Israelis dislike Barack Obama? – Haaretz – Israel News …

A Complete Timeline of Obama’s Anti-Israel Hatred – Breitbart 
Is this why the Anti-Defamation League came out against Bannon?

Poll: Democrats Like Cuba Better Than Israel

Obama: Israel Loves My Iran Deal! Israel: Your Iran Deal Is Worse Than Cancer.

Report: Obama Administration Prepares To Smack Israel

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Only Because Of Trump Did Media Suddenly Care About Anti-Semitism


America’s “Arab Spring”

  • President Obama appears to have been told that if all these secular dictators could be brought down, a magnificent Arab Spring would blossom. This was, it seems, precisely the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood: to get America’s help to topple the dictatorships — then mostly military and secular — but then to replace them with themselves, Islamists.

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