The Ignorance of Atheism

Here are STRONG words.  They do not negate compassion towards people with views other than ours.  However, I feel there is good data here that we need to understand because they impact how our world and culture have been shaped.

Atheism is the slavish and simple-minded embrace of ignorance.  When people call themselves “atheists” today, what they really mean is Christophobes, people with an irrational hatred and fear of Christianity.  The arguments they make against Christianity are both bizarre and silly.

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The Earth’s Climate

Do you wonder about “climate change” like I do?  We’ve got labels for people who believe this or that.  We see conflicting data published in scientific journals and the public press?

I haven’t drawn precise conclusions yet because I am not close enough to the science.   I am reading a book which to me provides a great background for the discussion on the earth, the changes which have happened on it over time and the current discussion about it’s climate and whether or not the climate is changing in a destructive way.   Maybe I did not say that right.  Is the climate change that may be occurring destructive or offensive to life on the planet?


Congress Investigates Climate Study

Image result for climate change…after Whistleblower Exposes Fake Science

Congress is ramping up its investigation into a key climate study, now under further scrutiny after a federal whistleblower raised more questions about it this week. The scandal some are referring to as “Climategate Two” (you can learn about the first Climategate here) is quickly escalating after Dr. John Bates, a former top scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), exposed how an ex-colleague mishandled a report on global warming right before a major international climate conference in 2015. Continue reading “Congress Investigates Climate Study”