There is a Racist Party in America

The MSM Is Right: There Is a Racist Party in America

The mainstream media (MSM) are right.  There is a political party today that has racism as a core value and is working incessantly to keep blacks down.  It’s the Democratic Party.  Of course, since Democrat politicians never say what they really believe, most Democrat voters aren’t aware they’re supporting racism.
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In America, thousands of blacks are shot each year in Democrat-run cities, yet Democrats who run those cities with an iron fist do nothing that works to fix the problem.  While one could believe that a non-racist might think for a few years that gun control actually protects law-abiding blacks, only someone who doesn’t have black interests at heart could continue to believe so after decades of failure. Continue reading “There is a Racist Party in America”

Is Steve Bannon alt-Right?

Here is how Steve Bannon views the alt-right, answering a question in Europe in 2014 about how to deal with the racist fringe in UKIP and the Front National.

But there’s always elements who turn up at these things, whether it’s militia guys or whatever. Some [of] that are fringe organizations. My point is that over time it all gets kind of washed out, right? People understand what pulls them together, and the people on the margins I think get marginalized more and more.

So Steve Bannon thinks the we should let the fringes be part of the action and have faith that the mainstream populists will push them to the sidelines in the natural to-and-fro of politics.

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Hold Summit on Fairness in Media

Carson Calls on Media to Hold National Summit On How to Provide Fair Coverage
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Carson told Fox News that “the media is the only business that is protected by our constitution. They are supposed to be on the side of the people, they are not supposed to be distorting the information that they give in order to put forth a particular view point or an ideology and that is what they are doing.”
This is an excellent idea.  The main outlets are so biased that it is hard to get the real data on a situation.  The major outlets major in “slants.”
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As they lose their grip, the political and media elites are getting desperate.

The mainstream media in Western Europe and North America isn’t even pretending to be an objective news source anymore; instead, “journalists” are working openly to quell what looks increasingly, on both sides of the Atlantic, like a popular revolution against the hegemony of the self-appointed political and media aristocracy that seems hell-bent on driving Western civilization over the cliff. And so it’s time for another round of their Two-Minutes Hate against Dutch politician and freedom fighter Geert Wilders.

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